Minutes of Meeting – EC Meet @ Hyderabad on 09 Aug’15

Below is the Minutes from the EC meet held on 09 Aug’15 @ Hyderabad with the Points Discussed and Action Items along with the Committees.
  • Mineral Water Plant: OSA to take up the repairs and regular maintenance going forward with a request to Junior College Principal in monitoring the plant. Appoint Plant Operator Mr. Karimulla and the monthly payment done to him through bank –Maintenance Committee (MC)
  • Boys Toilets: Pending Works – Water Connection, Flooring to be completed by discussing with the contractor – (MC)
  • Girls Toilet: Water Connection to be restored – (MC)
  • Dining Hall: As such no issues – (MC)
  • Stage: To be maintained properly – (MC)
  • Library: Review on the books provided earlier. Arrange further books as required – Education / Teachers Committee (ETC)
  • E Classes: Action to be initiated in starting e-classes regularly for 6th and 7th class students – (ETC)
  • Main Building: Review the regular maintenance – (MC)
  • New Building (RVM): Review the regular maintenance – (MC)
  • New Building (SSA): Review the regular maintenance – (MC)
  • School Compound Wall: Paintings with good quotations on both sides of the wall – MC / ETC
  • Ground Compound Wall: Paintings with good quotations on both sides of the wall. Balance works to be completed by discussing with the contractor – MC / ETC
  • Main Entrance Arch: Painting Works to be completed – 1987 mates
  • Public Address System: To be maintained in good condition – Arts Committee (AC)
  • Computers / Lab Equipment: To be verified and maintained in good condition – ETC
  • Benches / Electrical Fittings: To be verified and maintained in good condition – MC
  • House Keeping: Observe the cleanliness of Class Rooms and School Premises – MC
  • Maintenance of Grounds: All game fields with lines to be maintained – Sports Committee (SC)
  • Usage & Requirement of Sports Material: Review & identify new requirements for kits – SC
  • Sports Competitions: Explore the possibility of Sports Competitions within Mandal / District among the same grade of schools –EC
  • Audit Report (FY 2014-15): To be closed by 31 Aug 2015 – Sri A. Venkateswarlu & Sri PSRK Prasad
  • Section 80 G: Apply for 80 G to avail tax free donations – Sri V. V. Lakshmi Narayana & Sri A. Venkateswarlu
  • Fixed Deposit: Rs. 10 lacs in Karur Vysya Bank – Sri PSRK Prasad
  • Bank A/c: Rs. 3,46,407 /- in SBI, Rs. 16,220 /- in Andhra Bank and no cash in hand – Sri PSRK Prasad
  • FD of Rs. 1 lac: To discuss with Vizag Team for availing interest for SPOSA Activities. Otherwise to return the deposit to the party – Sri A. Venkateswarlu / Sri E. Kiran
  • Fund Contribution: Rs. 1,200 /- per every year from interested members in supporting the year on year activities planned and running expenditures – All SPOSA Members
  • Other Support for Funds: Explore for MP / MLA funds for school development – All SPOSA Members
  • Teachers: To represent Collector & DEO in filling up the shortage of Teaching Staff. Also represent SSA for Office Attendants requirement – Sri KVNM Prasad
  • Vidya Volunteers: To be identified and shortlisted from local available persons – Mrs A. Rama / Sri KVNM Prasad
  • Arts and Cultural: Encourage Arts and Cultural activities – Arts Committee (AC)
  • Literature: Plan for regular competitions – Literature Committee (LC)
  • Awards: Best Teacher Awards for every year – ETC
    • First Place: Rs. 10,000 /-
    • Second Place: Rs. 5,000 /-
    • Third Place: Rs. 2.500/-
      This will be decided with the following criteria
    • Self Appraisal
    • Student Development
    • Result Oriented
    • Other Criteria as decided by ETC
  • Educational Fairs: Plan and Conduct Educational Fairs related to Science, Maths etc., – ETC
  • Sports Committee (SC)
    • Sri A. Purushotham Reddy to lead
    • Sri G. Purushotham
    • other interested memebers
  • Maintenance Committee (MC)
    • Sri T. Kaladhar to lead
    • Sri Y. Rama Subba Rao
    • Sri B. Mallikarjun Reddy
    • other interested members
  • Arts Committee (AC)
    • Sri E. Sudhakar Neel to lead
    • Sri J. Devasahayam
    • Sri Khaleel
    • other interested members
  • Literature Committee (LC)
    • Smt V. Kanakadurga to lead
    • Smt A. Rama
    • Sri M. V. Giridhar Reddy
    • Ms. Pankaja Neel
    • other interested members
  • Education and Teaching Committee (ETC)
    • Sri V. V. Lakshmi Narayana to lead
    • Sri KVNM Prasad
    • Sri N. Harinath
  • Coordination Team
    • Sri G. Chandra Sekhar
    • Sri Y. Ram Mohan Rao
    • Sri M. V. Giridhar Reddy
Committee Visits: All Committees shall visit the school atleast once in a month. SPOSA to spend Rs. 3,000 /- per each committee as conveyance.
Audits: All Committees shall conduct regular audits for their respective areas and update to EC for further course of action. Audit Checklist shall be designed accordingly.
Website: Sri E. Sudhakar Neel to provide the content and accordingly updated by Sri A. Sreenathudu and Sri L. Raja Sekhar. Integration of Payment Gateway to support online transfer of funds to be explored.
General: Sri J. Nageswara Rao (Ex-Principal) & Sri Malyadri – Principal, Govt. Degree College requested SPOSA to support in the following areas –
  • Pending of NCC application with Govt.
  • Conduct Educational Summit at Srisailam Project
  • Develop Infrastructure under CSR of big companies
  • Moving of UGC grant papers with Govt.
Govt. Degree College Principal advised SPOSA to engage degree students for any additional classes planned in the school.
Educational Summit of all Educational Institutes within Srisailam Mandal is planned on 02 Oct’15 with the further details to be communicated.
  • Smart Village: SPOSA to workout the possibilities in adopting Srisailam Project under this scheme.
  • Medical Camp: To be planned for school children and local tribal area.
  • Hepatitis ‘B’ Vaccine: Explore the cost and plan for vaccine.
  • Environmental Issues: SPOSA shall think on the importance of protecting earth and environment by providing the basic awareness programs. Interested members in groups are encouraged for these programs which gives importance of global warming. Plantations might be right activity.
  • Yearly Event at Srisailam Project: It is proposed to conduct batch wise Silver Jubilee Function during every December where Association also meets and awards are distributed for teachers and students. This requires batch wise interactions and active participation of all SPOSA members.
  • Sports Committee (SC) – 22 Aug’15
  • Maintenance Committee (MC) – 29 Aug’15
  • Arts / Literature Committee (AC / LC) – 05 Sep’15
  • Education Committee (EC) – 12 Sep’15
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